This website was developed as a tool and service to help the ‘truth seeker’ find it. The very fact that you are reading this is a testimony that you want truth.

To obtain truth, you have to want truth more than anything else; it must be your ultimate purpose and you have to seek truth with every fiber in your being.

As a ‘truth seeker’ myself, I must tell you up front that truth often will not be what you heard it was, think it is, think it should be, or want it to be –it will test you to the core of your soul.

Realize that when you arrive at the truth it often is something you didn’t expect or even something you don’t want to initially believe but without it you will not inherit eternal life.

Truth is a double edged sword that cuts deep. It cuts through opinion, emotions, intellect, personal experience and every other obstacle in its path, however, adherence to it yields the fruit of eternal life!

You will be confronted and tested with either accepting it or turning away from it. This test will either confirm that you have saving faith or prove your lack of faith which is also called unbelief! Again, no one can or will be saved apart from faith –Hebrews 11:6.

The word truth in modern English comes from the Greek word ‘ALETHEIA’.

To obtain truth, there must be a ‘standard’ by which someone can differentiate what is true from what is false. Obviously the standard of truth can only be God’s Word since He is the source of all truth!

So, whether you are a believer or not yet a believer, that is where you must go for truth.

This web-sites sole purpose is to help guide you to the source of truth, the Word of God and to try & help you understand the ‘spirit’ of God’s Word, not just the outward form. However,  you are the one that must read, study and ultimately submit to truth, the living Word. The choice is yours and only yours!

We will all bow before TRUTH and give an account for why we either obeyed it or why we rejected it.

You must understand that truth is not subjective. In other words truth doesn’t change to fit us, we must change to conform to the truth!

Remember that as you discover truth, be prepared to be challenged as it will cut to the heart because truth is not partial.

Don’t be like the ‘rich young ruler’ who upon hearing the truth walked sadly away when he heard Jesus say “one thing you still lack, go and sell all your possessions and distribute to the poor and come follow Me.” Why did he walk away when he was right at the door of eternal life? He walked away because he owned much and didn’t want to part with it. Jesus said we cannot serve God and our material stuff at the same time (Matt 6:24)! This man traded eternal life for a few years of instant gratification in this life by rejecting the truth he was confronted with…

So it is today!

Truth is more valuable than gold, money, fame, power, even than all the wealth in the world combined! Truth is priceless! Truth will lead us where we want to go! Truth is true strength, true power and true riches!

Truth gives life meaning and purpose. Truth gives clarity. Truth is pure, undefiled, opposed to perversion. Truth is light and light displaces darkness!

This is why we need to love truth more than anything and everything else and ‘seek it’ with everything in our power!

We must have truth!



NOTE:  As the author of this website I understand my role is as a moderator of, not the source of truth. The living Word of God, Jesus Christ is truth all by Himself! As moderator, my role is to simply ‘point out’ and ‘put before you’ what The Source has already said and taught on each & every subject. That is why in every case I will list the book, chapter & verse(s) for everything claimed as truth herein! You must read the Word for yourself and confirm & conform to that Word as it is Jesus Himself that you must believe, submit to, and follow –just as I do. Therefore, I ask each and every one of you to ‘test’ what I say  against the Source Himself, Jesus Christ!

*Please register and leave your comments & insights after every article as we study & learn the truth of God’s Word together~ God bless you & happy blogging!

In His service,

Rich Fulton                                                                                                                                                                                                          Website Author –Gateway to Truth

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  1. Linda

    Thank you for your unwavering love of the truth found in God’s Word and for your genuine love and concern for my soul, the souls of our sons, and for the souls of every person. Please continue to lead us by your example as a godly man, husband and father! May God continue to bless you as you continue to help us all understand the ‘spirit’ of God’s word through this web-site; may we all be united together and enjoy true fellowship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

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